Rebrand or not to Rebrand

Looking to rebrand your company? A rebrand can be a a good thing and a bad thing. The best way is to plan your exact plan to success. You should have thought about your goals, how to achieve them and how much hustle is going to be involved.

Why is rebranding Important

The Audience is Changing and because of Competition. Almost 80% of consumers do not want a relationship with your brand, so you need to find the 20% of consumers that love your brand to death. The presence of other companies force you to evolve and to become more innovative.

7 laws of rebranding

  • Give Your Brand a Story
  • Dont Compromise Brand Equity
  • Streamline Your Identity
  • Dont Confuse Your Audience
  • Stay Relevant
  • Name Must Coincides with Business Model
  • Create Buzz to Reach New Target Market

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