The MentorBox

February 22, 2017

Recently I have been on a professional learning adventure, and while scrolling through Facebook I came across MentorBox. Its a subscription box that delivers monthly books on self-education and self-improvement. A subscription box is a recurring delivery of a specific niche product packaged as an experience and designed to offer value on top of the…

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The Kuri Robot

February 17, 2017

This AI robot listens, looks, and acts according to its owner’s needs and emotions.  Kuri looks like a drawn cartoon which gravitates us towards these cute little machines.  Kuri stares, blinks, smiles and turns its head.  It has a android like sound responses, and becomes a mute mirror of its owner’s personality.  At $699 would…

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Abstract: The Art of Design

February 15, 2017

I found this awesome documentary on Netflix called: Abstract – The Art of Design, a Netflix Original. It steps into the lives of designers and learns how design impacts them in everyday life.  They showcase Stage Design, Graphic Design, Footwear Design, Illustration, Architecture Design, Automotive Design, Photography, and Interior Design. Check out Llse Crawford, Platon,…

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