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It’s unfortunately far too common in today’s world for websites to get hacked or maliciously attacked. Stolen data is a valuable resource amongst criminals. We see on a weekly basis now, large companies who are admitting a security breach with their systems.

It’s a common school of thought to assume that as a small business or a small website, you’re not important enough in the eyes of a malicious attacker and thus you’ll be safe from their attacks. This is a dangerous mindset. Whilst, yes, you’re not as important from a data perspective – there are many different types of attack – many of which are automated. Your website could be hacked to host malware, which will target your visitors. Your website could be hacked in order to assist in sending out bulk spam emails. Your website and server could even be used to power larger attacks on other sites.

The attacks that we see succeed will typically target outdated software on a website. In the case of WordPress, this would be outdated core files, outdated plugins or an outdated theme. Exploits and security issues are found for software and these are patched by the developers. If you don’t install these updates, you leave your website vulnerable to attack.

Another issue that we commonly see are insecure passwords or passwords that are used in more than one location. You should be enforcing strong passwords with your WordPress installation. By ‘strong password’ we mean a password that contains letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and special characters. If you have any administrative users who save passwords to their computer, they should be storing these in a secure password manager – never their browser. If their machine is hacked, it’s very easy for those passwords to be harvested from the browser.

As you’re reading this page, you’ve most likely recently suffered an attack or have a security issue that needs some assistance. Our ‘Save My Website’ service has designed to provide WordPress Hack Recovery to you, as a critical response to your website being attacked.