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Membership Websites

You have skills, knowledge and passion about your industry or about a certain topic. People like you are taking this knowledge and positioning themselves as experts, ready to share their passion with an interested audience.

A membership website gives you an opportunity to create focused value, by giving your clients access to your content in one simple location. This presents an engaging opportunity for your clients as they can log-in to your membership site to see your content, rather than head over to your blog, YouTube, social media, etc.

Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of a business in today’s modern world. A membership site allows you to charge a monthly or yearly fee to your clients, in order for them to have access to your content.

You don’t have to charge for access to a membership website. Sometimes a membership site can be an indirect benefit of another service. As an example, you may have a site that contains training videos for another service that you sell. The training videos are free for your clients to view, however you want to control access to this content.

Including social interaction features such as a forum and also making the learning similar to a game with badges to unlock – you help to build a community of passionate followers. The more engaged your users are, the more likely they are to upgrade to receive more content from you in the future.

Above all else, a membership website offers a great opportunity to easily grow your business. Yes, the content does take some initial time to put together, however this is available for users at any time in the future. So User A could sign up in the first month and complete your course, with User B signing up 2 years later and completing the same course. Offering pre-prepared content on a repeatable basis, saves you time and grows your revenue. It’s easy to add fresh content to your membership site as you grow too.

Benefits of a Membership Site

Here’s just a few great benefits that you can enjoy when starting your own membership website.

Expert Status
You have skills, knowledge and passion. You can leverage this knowledge to share your expertise with your clients
Recurring Revenue
While you don’t have to charge for your content, membership sites give a solid platform for recurring revenue
Focused Value
You can create in-depth courses with lots of content. Your clients have access to great content in just one simple location
Private Content
Sometimes you want to keep the best content for your paying clients. You can control who gets access to your content
Build a Community
With the inclusion of a forum or social interaction inside your membership site, you help to build a community
Easy Growth
Once created, you can offer your content on a repeatable basis. It’s easy to add fresh content for your members