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Creative graphic design to engage with your audience

Graphic Design covers quite a broad spectrum of services. It’s not just about creating a logo or designing a business card. There’s a lot more to it than that. The best graphic design comes from having a full understanding of a business and the audience that the business serves.

Our in-depth approach to graphic design projects ensures that your brand is in line with current design trends and helps you to stand out from the crowd, in what is a noisy modern world. Our talented design team have extensive creative experience, ranging from corporate branding projects right down to photography and painting. Our passion for engaging creative design helps us to put together great results for our clients.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re designing for your audience. By understanding what your prospective customers are interested in, what makes them engage with you on your website or social media and where these customers are located online – you can ensure that your graphic design projects are successful. This is why we love the initial Discovery stage of all of our graphic design projects, as we dig down into who you are, what you do and why you do it.

Graphic Design services that we can help with

Business Card Design

Brochure Card Design

Letter Head Design

Catalog Design

Flyer Design

Packaging Design

Banner Design

Website Banner

Social Media Images

Mascot Designs

Custom Icons

Book Illustration

Our Graphic Design Approach

Step 1.


Your graphic design project starts with a Discovery stage. During the Discovery stage we explore your requirements to establish a brief for your project. We’ll take time to understand your business and how you work with your clients.

Step 2


Whether we’re helping you to create a business card, a poster or illustrations for your book – we’ll research your market and audience. This allows us to create something memorable that resonates with them and stands out.

Step 3


The design work begins. The concept phase will see us design and create initial concepts for your graphic design project. These concepts will usually be in black and white or sketch format initially, to help you focus on the design.

Step 4


We’ll develop your chosen concept further and flesh out the design, adding color and flourish. We’ll help you with color choices, typography and more – creating graphic design work that fits the project brief we’re working to.

Step 5


Now we start finalizing your chosen design and we’ll present this to you with a variety of mock-ups, so you can see your design in the ‘real world’. We’ll finalize any elements and prepare the graphics so that they’re ready for you to use.

Step 6


Your graphic design project is finished. We’ll deliver the finalized files to you in formats ready for you print or to use on your website, social media, etc. If you need help with choosing a suitable printer, we can refer you to printers that we’ve used previously.