Our Web Design Company’s History

My name is Juanika Freeman. I am our company’s founder, an Atlanta based web designer, and IT consultant. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, a Masters degree in Information Science with a minor in Network Security, and several technical certifications.  I am certified in Microsofts A+, Network+, MCP, and also HDI Helpdesk Analyst, currently studying Python and Cyber Security.  I felt as though something was incomplete in my career.   I wasn’t that great in business, so I decided to continue my education at Strayer University in Business Administration and Marketing.

I got my start in web design in 2010 once I figured I could make some extra income doing so.  I was getting bored with System Administration work in the corporate environment, and decided to learn web development via online learning websites like Udemy.com, Skillshare.com, and SKillwise.com.  I also purchased the Adobe Suite and started watching YouTube tutorials learning how to use the program.

I was so hype and wanted to start my own website design agency, but I did not know what to name it. One day out of the blue, a friend and I came up with OneTechGirl after a few rounds of names. All I knew I wanted to have girl in the name. Within a couple of months of creating my website, I picked up a few clients. I did this while I was still working for a major technology company.  I didn’t know that much about designing websites then, but I knew enough to earn a few dollars from it.

I continued to read books, follow online tutorials, and follow some of the big names already in the business  to gather more knowledge about web design while I worked.  I followed the likes of Neil Patel, Noah Kagan of Sumo Me, and Paul Jarvis of Creative Class.  They taught me how to tackle building agency from scratch, marketing with little to no capital, and website hacks.  Any free time I had, I would dive into a website design or adobe creative book to further my education.  My number of clients increased through word of mouth., and all of sudden, I found myself with enough with too much work to handle.  From that point on I had to hire a small team to help.



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Logo Design Press Packs Annual Report Design
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